Five Reasons Why SPC & LVT is Best Choice for Workspaces
Five Reasons Why SPC & LVT is Best Choice for Workspaces

The coronavirus pandemic taught us several lessons for life; mainly about the importance of germ-free, clean homes, and workspaces.

In this scenario, people are looking for some hard-wearing and highly durable flooring solutions in the market. Well, the Stone Plastuc Composite (SPC) and Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) flooring is one of the most sustainable and durable solutions for the high traffic office area. These floors show enhanced resistance to stains and scuffs while looking beautiful in the long run.

You will be happy to hear that SPC and LVT flooring does not require special efforts for polishing. All that you need to do is clean with a damp mop occasionally and sweep it often. You can ensure a beautiful appeal in the long run. Top reasons to install SPC and LVT flooring at workspaces:

Here we have listed five reasons why SPC and LVT flooring has become the top choice for workspaces after pandemic coronavirus:

It can sustain bleach

In order to ensure enhanced peace of mind during a busy day cleaning regime, you can simply use bleach or antibacterial cleaning agent on SPC and LVT flooring. Make sure the chemical-rich products are correctly diluted as specified in the manufacturer guidelines. Generally, it is recommended to add one part of bleach in almost ten parts of water.

Dust cannot hide

There is no doubt to say that pollen, dust, and other allergens can hide in the rug or carpet fibers. But the hard surfaces of SPC and LVT are a reliable choice to avoid the unwanted accumulation of debris and dirt. You can ensure easy cleaning by simply sweeping on the floors.

Water-resistant flooring

The stains and spills on the SPC LVT flooring must be mopped up immediately; however, unlike carpet and laminate flooring, the liquids cannot permeate through SPC and LVT floors. The water-resistant finish makes these floors less susceptible to the growth of mold and bacteria.

Excellent air quality

Volatile Organic Compounds are made up of both natural and man-made chemical compounds. They are mostly made up of carbon molecules and can easily evaporate into the indoor air at room temperature, leading to poor air quality. The great news is that SPC and LVT flooring reduces VOC emissions and can lead to a healthy environment.

Bevel protection

The beveled edges of the SPC and LVT flooring add authenticity to finished floors. They may appeal to more attractive choices at workspaces and living spaces as well.

Now you have gone through the amazing benefits of floors for your workspaces and home d├ęcor. It is the right time to consult professionals at Inter Decor [Renovation Furniture Trading LLC] to pick the most attractive patterns of SPC and LVT flooring and get them installed at your new office. You will find them easier to clean and maintain during these tough times influenced by the coronavirus pandemic. Moreover, it will be a nice gesture towards the health and well-being of your employees in the long run.

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