Why You Should Consider Carpet Tiles for Your Office?
Why You Should Consider Carpet Tiles for Your Office?

One major decision you need to make while designing a new office is the type of flooring to be installed. The surface to which you step when you enter the home makes a great impression. Other than this, the cost of flooring covers a major portion of your office décor budget. Hence, the selection must be made carefully.

Well, expert designers say that you cannot go wrong with carpet tiles. They offer several practical benefits such as attractive acoustics, superior comfort, greater safety, and enhanced thermal qualities as well. Furthermore, you can find carpet tiles in a variety of patterns and colors to achieve a unique ambiance.

What are carpet tiles?

Carpet tiles are better known as small swatches of carpet that are made up of broadloom carpets that can be combined and installed in many creative ways. They are also named as carpet squares and modular carpets having standard sizes somewhere between 50x50 and 60x60cm for tiles and 25x100 cm for planks. You can also find planks in other rectangular shapes or a few other creative shapes such as round and hexagonal.

It is possible to choose a wide range of carpet tiles backing; some of the most popular ones are open-cell cushion backing, closed-cell cushion backing, and hardback backing. Carpet tiles are usually equipped with pre-attached backing, it clearly means that they can be installed directly on the subfloors while ensuring quick and easy installations. Incredible benefits of carpet tiles:

Before beginning installation, you might be interested to know the possible benefits of carpet tiles. Well, here we have listed a few of them:

Ease of installation

The main reason to prefer carpet tiles is the ease of installation. The professional designers and architects reveal that these tiles are easier to transport and lift; hence, they can reach the job site without experiencing any damage. Also, as these tiles come with a pre-backed finish, they are easier to install on subfloors without requiring underlays. Hence, you can save much of your time and effort while installing. Other than this, these carpets settle down just within 24 hours, without even requiring additional efforts for acclimatizing.

Lesser waste

Carpet tiles are preferred more for their ability to produce lesser waste at the installation stage. They require very little adjustments and cutting to fit into the specific space. You can even ensure easy installations in rooms with odd dimensions. Experts advise this flooring type more often for clients that expect enhanced sustainability and lesser waste.

Style diversity

A few years back, it was almost impossible to achieve design versatility with carpet tiles. They were available in the form of thin squares with a lesser number of colors and design patterns. However, this outdated conception isn’t true anymore. It is now possible to find a versatile range of designs and colors to give a stunning finish to your premises. Other than this, carpet tiles are easier to maintain and they can enhance the overall ambiance of the premises. You can contact professionals at Inter Décor[Renovation Furniture Trading] to ensure cost-effective and high-quality carpet tile installation services for your new office décor project.

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